Jigarthanda title card

Who would have thought that here in our down Tamil movie industry we will have someone to make movies to the likes of those British Gangster Style movies. I saw a great movie in Jigarthanda, this is one of those movies which came out recently specially by those new bread of directors which I loved so much watching. Most of all I didn’t regret the time spent watching the movie.

Some of the note worthy things I noticed in this is movie is the Acting of the cast(yes, everyone live up to it), brilliant soundtrack and background score (specially the part where we hear the RockNRolla soundtrack playing in the background) Santhosh Narayanan has a long way to go, hope he can cope it and finally Simha.

Simha has comedy written all over him if you had watched his previous movies, specially the first few scenes of Soodhu Kavvum and how things end in Neram. He had transformed into something entirely different. This movie becomes one of many movies that is based on the baddie and not the hero as we would think, in my opinion Sidharth is actually playing a second role in this. Much appreciation also to Sidharth for his professionalism time and time again, many could learn from him all those who call themselves starts.

Bobby Simha, we will be hearing this name a lot in the coming years. Hope he picks the right roles for him.




Karthik Subbaraj is already been made comparison with many proven directors in the industry. In my opinion he’s a trend setter, hope he could continue his own trend going. I would like him to make one more Gangster movie to the likes of those Guy Richie movies in tamil.

Vijay Sethupathy’s little cameo as “Assault” Sethu and cameo as him, is awesome. He fits well to that younger version the Sethu’s character. And all these little technics are stuff that we haven’t experienced before in tamil movies (maybe i’m missing something here).

Wish this team all luck for their next assignment.